Freshwater ecosystems

Information about the river and creek health, including the monitoring of water quality, fish and aquatic plants and animals.


To help protect the health of our rivers, annual river health monitoring is conducted in selected Top End catchments.

For the latest monitoring information, go to our interactive monitoring map for the Daly and Roper Rivers or read about monitoring in Rapid Creek and Central Australia.

The Daly/Roper River health monitoring program takes place every dry season.

For the latest monitoring information you will need to logon to the Northern Territory Government's arcGIS.

Rapid Creek is a small, relatively natural drainage system located in Darwin's Northern suburbs.

Annual monitoring of stream health is currently undertaken in Rapid Creek during the transition from wet to dry season.

The Northern Territory Government contributes to monitoring the health of the Lake Eyre Basin. Read more about the management of the basin

Magpie Goose management program

The Magpie Goose is an abundant Northern Territory waterbird, with the Northern Territory (NT) supporting the world's largest population and major breeding areas.

Review the reports published as part of the NT Government's Magpie Goose management program.

Saltwater Crocodile management program

Review the reports published as part of the NT Government's Saltwater Crocodile management program.

Last updated: 31 January 2020

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