Coastal and Marine Management Strategy

The coast and seas of the Northern Territory are culturally, socially and economically critical to the Northern Territory. The Northern Territory Government is committed to developing and implementing a Coastal and Marine Management Strategy that will ensure the health and viability of our coast and seas. The Strategy will support the use of coastal and marine areas by Territorians and visitors for recreational and cultural purposes, manage the growing demand for natural resources, and foster sustainable industry for the benefit of the economy and protection of the environment.

The Coastal and Marine Management Strategy will provide guidance to all managers and decision makers, clarity to stakeholders and sets a 10-year direction for the management of the coastal and marine environments of the Northern Territory. Based on extensive consultation with the community and ongoing discussions with partners and stakeholders, it will identify a series of actions that will need to be undertaken to achieve the goal, the specific objectives and the desired outcomes.

The NT Government is inviting comments on the suggested goal and management principles, the specific objectives and the desired outcomes. The strategy will be based on extensive partner and public consultation and is due to be finalised in 2018.

A Discussion Paper has been prepared as part of the public consultation process. It has been prepared in consultation with key partners and stakeholders. The Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources invited representatives from organisations representing Traditional Owners, industry, conservation, recreation, academia and natural resource management to form a Partnership Group to assist in developing the Strategy. The Partnership Group and seven NT Government agencies held a two day workshop in Darwin to develop a goal, management principles and a series of objectives and long-term outcomes across a spectrum of interrelated environmental, cultural, social and economic themes.

The following organisations have granted permission to publish their submissions:

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Last updated: 22 July 2019


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