Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan


The Western Davenport Water Control District was declared under the Water Act in 2007.

Located 300km north of Alice Springs, it stretches from Barrow Creek to the Devils Marbles and spans 24,000 square kilometres.

It has an estimated population of about 1,000 people, most of whom live in the community of Ali Curung.

Centred on the traditional lands of the Kaytetye, but also encompasses parts of the country of the Alyawarr, Warramungu, and Warlpiri peoples.

The district covers two large regional aquifers which underlie the central sandplains of the district and multiple other much smaller local aquifers, mainly associated with the ranges to the northeast and south of the district.

The large regional aquifers are recharged by periodic rainfall runoff from the Davenport Range.

Virtually all water supplies in the district are drawn from groundwater, however surface water supports a lot of the biodiversity and cultural values in the area.

The main local economic activities are pastoralism, irrigated horticulture and tourism.

Review of the Water Allocation Plan

The current Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan was declared in 2011.

In accordance with the Water Act, a review of the plan formally commenced in early 2016.

A consultation process involving stakeholders, land owners and interested parties commenced in April 2016.

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In response to feedback received during the public comment period, a brief update (972.2 kb) has been prepared to respond to some issues raised.

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Last updated: 04 October 2018