Tindall Mataranka – Daly Waters Water Allocation Plan


Tindall Mataranka – Daly Waters Water Allocation Plan

The Tindall Limestone Aquifer in the region surrounding Mataranka has diverse values, sustaining the iconic springs of Elsey National Park, dry season flows in the Roper River, cultural and spiritual values and a variety of industries including pastoralism, horticulture, forestry, Indigenous enterprises, fishing and tourism. This water resource has previously been subject to the development of a draft water allocation plan.

The Planning boundary has been extended south of Mataranka to take in the Tindall Limestone Aquifer from Larrimah to Daly Waters. This area was the subject of a land and water suitability assessment which identified land suitable for irrigated agriculture with water sourced from the Tindall Limestone Aquifer. Extending the plan boundary will ensure that water allocation planning in the region reflects both current and future development, whilst protecting the other beneficial uses of water in the region. A map of the proposed area can be accessed here (586.0 kb)

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Last updated: 15 March 2019