Katherine (Tindall Limestone Aquifer) Water Allocation Plan

Katherine Water Advisory Committee

The Water Allocation Plan for the Tindall Limestone Aquifer, Katherine was originally declared in 2009. A mid-term review occurred in 2015 and resulted in a new Plan that was declared in April 2016.

A new Katherine Water Advisory Committee was formed by the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources in November 2016 to improve the effective implementation of the plan over its remaining lifetime. The Committee will discuss matters such as new research, water resource investigations, monitoring programs, water trading and ‘use it or lose it’ policies as well as general licence holder compliance issues. In addition, the Committee will provide a point of contact and exchange for stakeholder concerns and interests in the sustainable use and conservation of the Tindall Limestone Aquifer, Katherine. The Committee will also provide advice and recommendations on the development of a new Plan for this water source, in preparation for its expiry in 2019.

2017 Committee Membership

Chairperson, Marie Piccone

Chair and Horticulturalist

Warren De WithAFANT Representative
Allister AndrewsJawoyn Association Representative
Alison KingAquatic Ecologist
Michael Jerram Tourism Representative
Rick Fletcher Regional Development, Northern Land Council
Marie Allen Wardaman IPA Representative
Peter Rix TFS Corporation Representative
Peter Marks Horticulturalist and Community Member
Shane Papworth Public Water Supply
Neal Adamson Department of Defence Representative
Lis Clark (alternate) Katherine Town Council Representative
Charmaine Roth Community Member

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Last updated: 15 March 2019