Great Artesian Basin Water Allocation Plan


In January 2010 a Water Control District was declared for the Northern Territory portion of the Great Artesian Basin. The Great Artesian Basin (GAB) is the largest underground water reserve in Australia.  It underlies approximately 22% of Australia and 6% of Northern Territory.

A Water Control District for the basin was declared for the Northern Territory portion in 2010.  The GAB Strategic Management Plan was developed in 2000 with key objectives of encouraging legislative and administrative frameworks for sustainable water management and water use within the GAB. The Strategic Management Plan was adopted by all Governments responsible for GAB management. The Territory government is working on a draft water allocation plan to assist the Northern Territory meet its obligations under the GAB Strategic Management Plan and to ensure that water is allocated and managed to meet the needs of the community, the environment and sustainable economic development.

Read the draft Great Artesian Basin Water Allocation Plan (5.2 mb)

The plan is expected to be finalised once a water advisory committee has been established to provide advice on the plan content and community consultation on the plan.

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Government agencies in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia also have GAB information.

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Last updated: 15 March 2019