Alice Springs Water Allocation Plan

Reports and Publications


The following documents are publications part of the Alice Springs Water Resource Strategy:


The following diagrams will give you more information on the Alice Springs Water Resource Strategy:


The following are maps drawn up as part of the Alice Springs Water Resource Strategy.

Alice Springs Groundwater Resources Map (365.8 kb)

Alice Springs Water Control District Map (178.4 kb)

Map 1 Regional Setting (346.2 kb)

Map 2 Strategy Region (365.1 kb)

Map 3 Land Tenure (162.9 kb)

Map 4 Landuse (104.8 kb)

Map 5 Surface Water Resources (542.3 kb)

Map 6 Ground Water Resources (365.8 kb)

Map 7 Regional Groundwater Water Quality (856.6 kb)

Map 8 Town Basin & Inner Farm Basin Water Quality (1.1 mb)

Map 9 Outer Farm Basin Water Quality (817.0 kb)

Map 10 Roe Creek Water Quality (1.1 mb)

Map 11 Rocky Hill Water Quality (313.9 kb)

Map 12 Environmental & Cultural Water Uses (433.0 kb)

Map 13 Consumptive Water Uses (408.2 kb)

Map 14 Proposed Management Zones (397.3 kb)

Map 15 Proposed Beneficial Uses (410.8 kb)

Map 16 Proposed Water Allocations (408.9 kb)

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Last updated: 15 March 2019