Alice Springs Water Allocation Plan

Alice Springs Water Advisory Committee

The new Alice Springs Water Advisory Committee (ASWAC) was appointed by the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources in November 2016 to provide advice and recommendations to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources on the implementation of the 2016 Alice Springs Water Allocation Plan, including its 5-yearly review. The new ASWAC held its first meeting on 2nd February 2017.

The role of the committee is to identify issues, critically evaluate information and to offer suggestions for water management strategies that support current and potential beneficial uses and maximise opportunities for ecologically sustainable development in the Alice Springs region.

For more information on the ASWAC, email or call Water Resources on (08) 8951 9226.

Read the Alice Springs Water Advisory Committee’s Terms of Reference (53.1 kb).

Name Representation
 Ms Jocelyn Davies (Chair) CDU University Fellow / Geographer
 Mr Eli Melky  ASTC
 Mr Jimmy Cocking  ALEC
 Mr Adam Davis  PWC
 Ms Wendy Stuart  CLC
 Mr Rod Cramer  Rural Areas Assoc.
 Ms Robyn-Gardener  CAT
Mr Richard Hayes   Rocky Hill Table Grapes     
 Mr Glenn Marshall   CDRC    
 Ms Veronica Lynch   Traditional Owner

Committee Member's Bio's (40.4 kb)

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Last updated: 28 November 2017