National Water Initiative

A wide range of management reforms for better use of water resources has already been completed by the Northern Territory and independently assessed by the National Competition Council and the National Water Commission.

The National Water Initiative (NWI) was endorsed by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) to drive more reforms for better water management and use to the year 2011.

Read the National Water Initiative on the Australia Government National Water Commission website.

The National Water Commission is an independent statutory body that advises COAG and the Australian Government on national water issues, steers the national water reform agenda and accredits NWI implementation plans.

In consultation with the National Water Commission, the NT has now developed its own Implementation Plan which details the work to be undertaken in the Territory over the next five years.

The commission is satisfied that this plan is ready for accreditation apart from the requirement that it be open to public scrutiny throughout its lifetime.

Success in achieving the NWI will depend in large part on public understanding and support for the work that is undertaken through our Implementation plan and this web page is intended to provide access for continuing public feedback.

Water reform

The plan covers the following key water reform elements:

  • interpretation
  • water access entitlements and planning framework
  • water markets and trading
  • best practice water pricing
  • integrated water management for environmental and other public benefit outcomes
  • water resource accounting
  • urban water reform
  • knowledge and capacity building
  • community partnerships and adjustment.

For more information contact the Water Resources Division.

Last updated: 28 November 2017