Beneficial use

Beneficial use is a legislated process that reduces the effects of water pollution and assists in the protection and management of water. The community decides how a particular water body should be used by choosing one or more beneficial use categories. 

For more information about beneficial uses of water resources go to the Northern Territory Government website.

Gazettal Notice
Alice Springs Water Control Districtmap and gazette (450.1 kb)NA
Coomalie Creek Catchment surface watermap (198.7 kb)gazette (1.5 mb)
Copperfield Creek surface watermap (202.9 kb)gazette (1.0 mb)
Crater Lakemap (277.9 kb)gazette (2.2 mb)
Darwin and Blackmore Riversground water map (661.4 kb)
surface water map (667.1 kb)
gazette (295.4 kb)
Darwin Harbour regionmap (598.3 kb)gazette (295.4 kb)
Edith River surface watermap (210.0 kb)gazette (1.0 mb)
Elizabeth and Howard Riversground water map (192.3 kb)
surface water map (224.0 kb)
gazette (295.4 kb)
Fog Bay Areamap (487.9 kb)gazette (46.2 kb)
Gove Area marine watersmap (357.8 kb)gazette (43.0 kb)
Great Artesian Basinmap (144.0 kb)gazette (41.4 kb)
Groote Eylandt Area marine watersmap (366.0 kb)gazette (55.8 kb)
Howley Creek surface watermap (153.3 kb)gazette (59.1 kb)
Katherine Area groundwatermap (615.8 kb)gazette (47.9 kb)
Katherine Rivermap (251.8 kb)gazette (43.8 kb)
Katherine River Tributariesmap (354.6 kb)gazette (52.3 kb)
Mary River groundwatermap (379.7 kb)gazette (60.8 kb)
Mary River surface watermap (385.9 kb)gazette (60.8 kb)
McArthur River Areamap (362.5 kb)gazette (44.7 kb)
McArthur River Catchment Areamap (204.6 kb)gazette (27.4 kb)
McKinley Rivermap (192.2 kb)gazette (29.9 kb)
Mt Bundey Creekmap (260.0 kb)gazette (69.9 kb)
Ryan Creekmap (221.2 kb)gazette (69.1 kb)
Settlement Creek Tributariesmap (1.0 mb)gazette (28.6 kb)
Shoal Bay - Vernon Islands Areamap (581.8 kb)gazette (46.4 kb)
Ti-Tree map (144.4 kb)gazette (1.3 mb)
Western Davenport Water Control Districtmap - go to NT.GOV.AUgazette

Last updated: 28 November 2017