Tindall Mataranka - Daly Waters Advisory Committee

Tindall Mataranka – Daly Waters Water Allocation Committee

The Minister for Environment and Natural Resources is calling for Expressions of Interest for members of the Tindall Mataranka – Daly Waters Water Advisory Committee. The new Water Advisory Committee has been formed to provide advice and recommendations to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources on the development of a water allocation plan for the Tindall Limestone Aquifer, Mataranka – Daly Waters.

The Water Advisory Committee will provide feedback on the new Plan boundary as well as advise on water management arrangements, discussing water resource investigations, water allocation policies, and monitoring programs. The Committee will be representative of the diverse stakeholders across the region and provide a point of contact and exchange for stakeholder concerns and interests in the sustainable use of the resource.

The Committee’s Terms of Reference can be accessed here (164.1 kb)

Written expressions of interest should demonstrate the contribution that the nominee can make to the committee and should be directed to:

Tindall Mataranka – Daly Waters Water Advisory Committee Secretariat


Or email: gabrielle.yates@nt.gov.au

For further information about the role of the Tindall Mataranka – Daly Waters Water Advisory Committee, please contact Gabby Yates on 8973 8839.

Nominations for the committee must be received by 18th November 2016.

Last updated: 08 February 2017