Ti Tree Water Allocation Plan

Ti Tree Advisory Committee

The Ti Tree Water Advisory Committee was first established in 1997 to advise the Northern Territory Controller of Water Resources on the allocation and management of ground water resources in the Ti Tree Water Control District. 

Local horticultural, pastoral and community interests, as well as specialist agronomic and hydrogeological expertise were represented on the committee.

One of the main functions of the committee was to produce a Water Allocation Plan for the region. 

In October 2002, The Territory Government released the Ti Tree Region Water Resource Strategy 2002. 

This was the first Water Allocation Plan for the Northern Territory. The committee also assisted in the five year review of the 2002 Strategy.

In October 2009 the reviewed Ti Tree Region Water Allocation Plan was approved by the Northern Territory Government, and the Committee went into recess, in anticipation of being reconvened when community consultation commences in 2013 for the new Ti Tree Water Allocation Plan. 

The new Plan is due to be in place by 2014. 

For more information about the Ti Tree Water Advisory Committee contact the Water Resources Division.

Meeting minutes

Read the 2005 to 2006 newsletter (762.4 kb).

Date Meeting minutes
29 April 2008 Meeting minutes (111.4 kb)
29 January 2008
6 November 2007
9 August 2007 Meeting minutes (219.0 kb)
3 May 2007 Meeting minutes (38.9 kb)
21 February 2007 Meeting minutes (53.9 kb)
2 November 2006 Meeting minutes (28.5 kb)
4 September 2006 Meeting minutes (83.0 kb)

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