NT Catchments Advisory Committee

The economic development of the Northern Territory (NT) relies on the wise use of land and water resources.

The sustainable use of our water assets will be crucial to northern development, including the expansion of irrigation-based agriculture, enabling new mining development and supporting growing communities. 

At the same time, maintaining the health of our catchments and rivers is essential to the lifestyle and wellbeing of Territorians.

The Northern Territory Catchments Advisory Committee (NTCAC) has been established to provide informed community input into decisions about the responsible use and management of the Territory's water resources and the catchments that support them.

Terms of reference

The Minister for Land Resource Management established the NTCAC as a way to inform community input into decisions about the responsible use and management of the Territory's water resources and the catchments that support them, with a focus on where the use of water and land resources intersects with mining, agriculture and pastoral industries.

Functions and role

The functions of the NTCAC are:

  • to advise the Minister or the Chief Executive of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) as the case requires on key water and catchment issues relating to the development of the NT and growing the Territory's economy.
  • if the Minister so approves, to advise any other Minister on any matter referred to it related to key water catchment issues.

The NTCAC is to focus on water and catchment issues relevant to supporting the development of the NT.

The role of the committee is to consider and provide advice on the:

  • identification of gaps in scientific knowledge essential to informing the development of overarching water policy for the NT
  • identification of opportunities to improve industry and public awareness and support for water policy objectives
  • potential changes to the existing water management framework to allow the NT to sustain the quality of its water resources to meet the needs of present and future uses
  • opportunities to maximise the economic benefits that can be derived from the Territory's water resources while ensuring the use and development of water and land resources maintains the life supporting capacity of water and related ecosystems
  • areas of water research priorities for the NT 
  • to inform opportunities for increased agricultural development including mechanisms to encourage the efficient use of water resources
  • opportunities to improve government, community and industry cooperation and collaboration on key catchment issues.


The NTCAC should:

  • be strategic by adopting long-term perspective for land and water resource management in the NT
  • be aware of changing industry, community and environmental needs and of options for balancing the demands of different interests
  • provide advice to others, including other ministers and Chief Executives, only when specifically permitted
  • actively seek input from stakeholders with an interest in water resources to ensure that a diversity of views are used to inform its deliberations
  • operate at all times with integrity in accordance with the terms of the Board Membership handbook and NTCAC administrative guidelines.

Committee members

George Roussos 

Mr George Roussos - Chair

George Roussos is a legal adviser to businesses, a member of the Water Resources Review Panel and a Director of the Power and Water Corporation.

Kit Jolley 

Mr Kit Jolley

Kit Jolley is the Territory Manager for the NT and Kimberley regions for Dow Agro Sciences.

Tom Harris 

Mr Tom Harris

Tom Harris is the Chief Executive Office for the Extractive Industry Association (EIA) of the NT and is also an Executive Member of the NT Farmers Association.

Maria Kraatz 

Ms Maria Kraatz

Maria Kraatz is the NT Manager of Eco Logical Australia Environmental Consultants.

Colin Beard 

Mr Colin Beard

Colin Beard is a member of the Water Resources Review Panel.

Kate Peake 

Ms Kate Peake

Kate Peake is the Executive Officer of Regional Development Australia Northern Territory.


Northern Territory Catchments Advisory Committee
Executive Officer
PO Box 496
Palmerston NT 0831

Phone: (08) 8999 4455
Email: ntcac@nt.gov.au

Last updated: 28 September 2016