Fact sheets

The Water Resources fact sheets are currently being updated. 

For more information contact your nearest Water Resources office.

Licensing and permits

Bore construction permits: frequently asked questions (1.2 mb)

Water extraction licence, frequently asked questions (558.2 kb)

Non-urban Water Metering Code of Practice for WEL

Do I need a water extraction licence: Daly Roper Water Control District (203.3 kb)

Water bore drilling licence: a how to for new, renewals and upgrades (1.5 mb)

Water bore drillers: requirements and responsibilities (1.2 mb)

Berry Springs Dolostone Aquifer and Bore Construction Permits (345.6 kb)

Go to the Northern Territory Government website for more information on water resource licensing and permits, including applications.

Central Australian water and water conservation

How we use our water (333.9 kb)

Water efficient products (358.6 kb)

Tips on saving water (257.7 kb)

Swimming pools and water use (330.0 kb)

Water resources

Water control districts map: Territory wide - go to the Northern Territory Government website.

Understanding water allocation planning (450.1 kb)

Using models to manage water resources (494.8 kb)

Beneficial use declarations (2.4 mb)

Sinkholes (365.8 kb)

Berry Springs dolostone aquifer - the facts (311.1 kb)

Preventing groundwater pollution (809.5 kb)

Water Trading- Katherine Tindall (854.0 kb)

Understanding groundwater (532.5 kb)

NT Water Act (944.3 kb)

Meter Read (440.2 kb)

What is Surface Water (286.1 kb)

Guide to Bores and Pumps (438.7 kb)

Providing GPS locations (47.8 kb)

Find a bore report using NR Maps NT (245.5 kb)

Last updated: 28 November 2017