Magpie Goose Management Program

The Magpie Goose is an abundant Northern Territory waterbird, with the Northern Territory supporting the world's largest population and major breeding areas.  The species is considered "iconic" for the Territory and both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people identify strongly with the species.  It is of particular significance to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal hunters and is the cornerstones species of the Territory's annual waterfowl hunting season.

All activity related to the Magpie Gosse is managed under the auspices of the "Management Program for the Magpie Goose (Anseranas semipalmata) in the Northern Territory of Australia, 2009-2014".  This management program is still in force.

Magpie Goose Management Program 2009 - 2014 (583.1 kb)

Magpie Goose Surveys
Magpie Goose Survey 2018 (1.7 mb)
Magpie Goose Survey 2017 (3.6 mb)
Magpie Goose Survey 2016 (2.6 mb)
Magpie Goose Survey 2015 (2.2 mb)
Magpie Goose Survey 2014 (1.6 mb)
Magpie Goose Survey 2013 (904.9 kb)
Magpie Goose Survey 2012 (953.4 kb)
Magpie Goose Survey 2011 (976.8 kb)

Last updated: 15 June 2018