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2018 updates

11 December 2018
  • Added Slope greater than 2 percent (red) layer in Land Management folder
  • Added Water Resource Report Index in Water Resources folder
  • Added map loading bar at bottom left corner to indicate NR Maps system is 'working on something'
  • Fixed scaling issue in ‘Data Export’ function, max scale is now 1:600,000
6 November 2018
  • NR Maps rebranding and associated web pages updated
  • Added Acid Sulfate Soil Risk layers in Land Resources folder
  • Added Emergency Response Area layer in Bushfires NT folder
  • Added Burn Permits layer in Bushfires NT folder
  • Added NT Bores Water Extraction Licence layer in Water folder
  • Restructured Land Resources and Land Management folder
7 September 2018
  • Added Stream Order layer
  • Added Declared Areas (Soil Conservation Act) layer
  • Smoothed Land Resource Survey Index Polygons to increase map loading performance
  • Weed data update
9 August 2018
  • Weed data update
  • Water Allocation Plan layer update
  • Added Pastoral Clearing Permits layer
  • Enhanced Land Clearing Permits layers search functionality
  • Improved Print Map layout
29 June 2018
  • Added Survey Benchmark layers
  • Added Graticule layer
  • Google map available in Print Map function
4 May 2018
  • Added Darwin Rural Area Groundwater Systems layer
  • Vegetation Data update
  • Land Data update
18 April 2018
  • Updated Land Resources Survey Index layer data structure
  • Added Land Assessment Project Layer
  • Weed Data update
14 February 2018
  • NR Maps application upgrade to Version 2.5
  • New Google Maps, Google Satellite, Open Street Maps as background map options
  • New layer filter function on the Table of Contents, to quickly find a layer
  • New right click on the map function which brings up a new context menu including; identify, coordinate window, zoom previous\next, clear selections
  • New Spatial Select, under the Function Menu which allows you to select features from one layer based on the existing selection of another layer
  • Larger buttons for expanding and contracting the Table of Contents and Data frame
  • Search, Legend and Links tabs have been moved to a concertina structure instead
  • Cadastre has been included without a fill. This means that you won’t necessarily have to switch to the orange outlined cadastre when using imagery

2017 updates

30 November 2017
  • Added Land Use Mapping 2016 layer
25 August 2017
  • Split Land Resources Survey Index layer in Broad and Fine Scale layers to increase map loading performance
20 July 2017
  • Launch new NR Maps Web Map Service (WMS)
14 July 2017
  • Added Water Beneficial Use layer
9 June 2017
  • Updated Flora Atlas data structure

Last updated: 18 December 2018