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Environmental Regulatory Reform

There is a recognised need for substantial reform of the Northern Territory’s environment protection framework, particularly in relation to environmental impact assessment and approvals. Reforms are long overdue and critical to achieving a robust regulatory system that the community will trust to ensure the Territory’s ecologically sustainable development, while encouraging industry investment and economic growth.

Government has committed to substantial reforms as part of its Healthy Environment, Strong Economy policy platform. There is a need to deliver on these commitments in a timely manner in order to generate trust and confidence in Government and any changes to the environmental management framework.

The Environmental Regulatory Reform Discussion Paper is intended to provide a snapshot of the reform process for environmental impact assessment and project approvals.

The updated 26 May 2017 figure 2 is now available

We acknowledge all of the work that has previously been undertaken by individuals and organisations in preparing submissions for Government. We have prepared this paper to build on that work. It identifies our understanding of your views about the existing assessment and approval system and how we intend to address issues you have previously raised and recommendations you have made. It also identifies those issues that we need more information about to help us develop new legislation. It identifies topics which have not been addressed in previous submissions and those for which there is not a clear path forward.

You are invited to give feedback about any matter discussed in this paper. You are also welcome to provide any comments on improvements to the environmental regulatory framework generally.

To ensure your comments are as effective as possible please:

  • identify the issue you are addressing, with reference to a section of this paper if applicable
  • state your point of view, and provide any information you may have that supports your view
  • any alternatives you believe will result in a better outcome.

We are particularly interested in your responses to the questions raised in this paper. Unless you advise us otherwise, we will treat any comments you make as public documents. This means a copy of your comments will be published on our website, and we may cite your submission in other documents that we prepare. If you do not wish us to make your comments public, or you do not want your identity to be made public, please ensure you include this information with your comments.

Please complete the Environmental Regulatory Reform online questionnaire

You can also provide comment by sending a written submission to Environment Policy, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, GPO Box 3675, Darwin NT 0801


PUBLIC COMMENT CLOSES: Wednesday 28 June 2017

For more information on the Environmental Regulatory Reform Program

Extend to 28 June 2017

Draft Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan

The current Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan was declared in 2011

In accordance with the Water Act, a review of the plan formally commenced in early 2016.

A consultation process involving stakeholders, land owners and interested parties commenced in April 2016.

A draft Plan (8.8 mb) has been prepared for public comment.

The technical report that has informed the development of the draft Plan is available here (51.4 mb) .

All feedback received from stakeholders will contribute to the finalisation of the Plan.In

 response to feedback received, a brief update (968.1 kb) has been prepared to respond to some issues raised.

The public comment period closes on 7 July 2017.

Submissions on the draft Plan can be lodged by:


Post: PO Box 1120, ALICE SPRINGS NT 0871

For a response to questions during the public comment period, please telephone 8999 4455.

A consultation report will be prepared to inform stakeholders and interested parties of the issues raised during consultation on the draft Plan, and how these issues were considered in finalising the Plan.

To view the draft water allocation plan

7 July 2017

Indigenous Ranger Grants Program - Discussion Paper

The Northern Territory Government is implementing a new policy initiative - Protecting Country, Creating Jobs which seeks to support Indigenous Rangers to protect the environment and create jobs. This will be achieved through a capital grants program for Indigenous Ranger groups to help purchase essential items, with funding of $4.1 million over 2 years; and the establishment of a Land Management and Conservation Fund to improve conservation practices on Aboriginal land, with funding of $2 million per annum from 2017/18.

This Discussion Paper is intended to provide Indigenous Ranger groups with advice on the type of input that the Department is seeking.  The input should cover land and sea management problems, methods of addressing those problems and how the grants program could be structured to achieve such outcomes.

Submit your feedback.

Last updated: 09 June 2017