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The following is a list of proposals now open for public comment.

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Review of statutory weed management plans

The NT Government is asking for feedback and input into the review of the statutory weed management plans for chinee apple, mesquite, prickly acacia and neem. These are all classed as noxious weeds in the Northern Territory.

The discussion papers have been developed to encourage conversation and feedback on the review of the statutory plans. They provide an explanation on what the existing plans aim to achieve and determine if the government, alongside landholders, are reaching targets and objectives.

To have your say, you can complete one of the following online surveys:

You can send a written submission to:  The Director,  Weed Management Branch, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, PO Box 496, Palmerston NT 0831.

Or email your comments to

For further information contact the Weed Management Branch

17 May 2019

Consultation on the draft Ti Tree Water Allocation Plan 2019-2020

The draft Ti Tree Water Allocation Plan 2019-2029 (3.1 mb) is now open for public consultation.

All submissions will be considered prior to finalising the water allocation plan.

Email submissions and feedback to:

For further information contact:

Water Resources Division
Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Phone: 08 8999 4444.

The final Ti Tree Water Allocation Plan 2019-2029 is expected to be declared soon after all submissions have been assessed.

Refer to Ti Tree Water Allocation Plan page for more information.

20 May 2019

Last updated: 18 April 2019