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The following is a list of proposals now closed for public comment.

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Strategic Indigenous Reserves - Stakeholder discussion paper

The Northern Territory Government has committed to the establishment of Strategic Indigenous (water) Reserves to provide Aboriginal landowners with increased opportunity to access water resources for economic development.

Strategic Indigenous Reserves are a reserved volume of water from the consumptive pool within a Water Allocation Plan area exclusively accessible to Aboriginal landowners to use or trade.

Feedback can be made by downloading the discussion paper and filling out the form (in Word) and emailing to COB Thursday 13th April 2017

The Discussion Paper (1.2 mb) includes a survey for feedback on the proposed operating model and invites suggestions for alternative policies.

Feedback should be submitted by COB Thursday 13 April 2017.

For questions or further information please contact or 08 8951 9226



Review of statutory Weed Management Plans

In accordance with the Weeds Management Act (the Act), the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources  is reviewing the Weed Management Plans for:

All land owners, managers and users are required to control declared weeds on their land in accordance with the Act. You have a legal obligation to undertake management of bellyache bush, mimosa and gamba grass as per the requirements of these Plans.

Land owners and occupiers are encouraged to provide feedback on the Plans until COB 20 March 2017. The Plans were developed in 2010 and reviewed in 2013 and 2014 with extensive stakeholder consultation. The Plans form part of a strategic approach to bellyache bush, mimosa and gamba grass management in the Northern Territory. They describe on-ground management requirements that can be enforced under the Act.

A questionnaire has also been developed to assist in reviewing these plans.

Bellyache bush, mimosa and gamba grass are all declared weeds in the Northern Territory with split declaration of:

  • Class A (to be eradicated)
  • Class B (growth and spread to be controlled) and
  • Class C (not to be introduced into the Northern Territory)

Please complete the Weed Management Plans online questionnaire

Review of the Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan

In accordance with the Water Act, a water allocation plan must be reviewed at intervals not longer than five years.

The current Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan was declared in 2011, and was therefore due for review.

Review of the plan formally commenced in early 2016.

A consultation process involving stakeholders, land owners and interested parties commenced in April 2016.

Further consultations with stakeholders will be ongoing in February 2017.

The draft plan will be available for review toward the end of March 2017 for a 6 week consultation period.

To view the Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan Update February 2017

Last updated: 28 April 2017