Consultation on draft environment protection legislation

The Territory Government is restoring trust by better protecting our environment with the release of the draft Environment Protection Bill and draft Environment Protection Regulations for 8 weeks of public consultation.

The Northern Territory Government is overhauling the current environmental regulatory system. Reforms are critical to achieving a robust regulatory system that the community will trust while encouraging industry investment and economic growth. Its ultimate goal is to deliver sustainable development in the Northern Territory.

A single piece of legislation is being developed to implement a best practice environmental management regulatory framework – the Environment Protection Act.

The Environment Protection Act is being developed in two stages:

  • Stage one will address reforms to the environmental impact assessment system and introduce an environmental approval to be issued by the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources.
  • Stage two will address Government’s commitments to transform the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act into a fully functioning Environment Protection Act, which will also include provisions for the environmental regulation of the mining industry.

The draft bill and Regulations speak to the new impact assessment and approval system and delivery on stage one of the reform program.

Amendments to the legislation to address stage two of the reform program will be developed separately.

The draft legislation has been developed based on the feedback received through consultation with industry groups, land councils, environmental groups, government agencies and other key stakeholders.

Draft bill and regulations


The draft Environment Protection Bill and draft environment protection Regulations have been released for public consultation.

Has now closed on the 3 December 2018.

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Supporting material

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has prepared a range of documents to assist stakeholders to understand the environmental regulatory reform program, draft Bill and draft Regulations.

Environmental regulatory reform timeline

Last updated: 11 December 2018