Hawke II review

The Northern Territory Government engaged Dr Allan Hawke AC in 2014 to review the Northern Territory’s environmental assessment and approval processes.

This review, which was delivered in May 2015, is known as the Hawke II review. 

It offers three options to reform the environmental assessment and approval framework, as well as 22 other recommendations for improvement.

The Northern Territory Government has agreed to adopt Dr Hawke’s recommended option for structural reform (option 3). It also broadly supports each of his 22 reform recommendations. 

Option 3 is designed to build and strengthen the Northern Territory's current system.

Government’s longer term goal is to move towards a model for a single environmental approval. This is consistent with option 2 in the review.

Hawke I

The Hawke II Review comes after Dr Hawke’s inquiry into hydraulic fracturing (Hawke I).

For more information on Hawke I and the Northern Territory Government’s response go to the Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing website.

Community consultation

Over the coming months the Northern Territory Government will engage with the community and industry on Dr Hawke’s proposed reforms. 

Engagement will cover:

  • the immediate task of implementing Option 3 from Dr Hawke’s report
  • how the Territory Government should build on Option 3 and continue to improve its regulatory system into the future.

Last updated: 17 March 2017