Bushfires NT

Bushfire is a natural component of the Northern Territory (NT) landscape, and Bushfires NT exists to help protect life, property and the environment from bushfire.

Bushfires NT is the lead government agency for rural fire management in the Northern Territory. Under its jurisdiction, there are six fire control regions in the NT.

Bushfire NT regions 

Urban fire management is overseen by the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service (NTFRS). The map below shows the respective fire areas managed by Bushfires NT and the NTFRS.

Bushfires NT’s primary roles are to administer the provisions set out in the NT Bushfires Act and support Territory landholders in fire mitigation and management.

The Bushfires Council NT is a statutory body established by the Bushfires Act. Its role is to advise government on measures to prevent and control bushfires in those regions.

Bushfires NT also supports some 500 active volunteers in 22 Volunteer Bushfire Brigades across the Northern Territory by providing training, vehicles and operational funding.

There are Bushfires NT offices in Darwin, Batchelor, Katherine, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs. 

Bushfires NT’s role is to:

  • help Territory landowners prepare for bushfire
  • lead and participate in joint fire monitoring and mitigation research projects
  • develop bushfire management and response plans
  • develop mutual aid agreements with other fire authorities
  • develop fire education and training programs for school students and Aboriginal communities.

For more information on Bushfires NT go to the following pages or contact Bushfires NT:

For information on emergencies, fire danger ratings, survival plans, prevention and responsibilities, permits and bushfire information messages go to NT.GOV.AU.

Last updated: 26 August 2016